Team & partners

The IGNITE project is generously funded by Horizon 2020 through Connect 2017 under the auspices of the Media Policy, Audiovisual Industry and Media Support Programme.
IGNITE brings together researchers and design professionals from four institutions in three countries with expertise in design theory and practice,  online education, digital humanities and cultural heritage.

Participating institutions

Centre for Digital Humanities (Maynooth University, Coordinator)

Center for Teaching Development and Digital Media (Aarhus University)

School for Communication and Culture (Aarhus University)

Austrian Academy of Science (OeAW) / Austrian Centre for Digital Humanities (ACDH-OeAW)

Ideas Lab, Filmby Aarhus (FBA)



Susan Schreibman (Coordinator) is a Professor of Digital Arts & Culture at Maastricht University, Netherlands. She was the Coordinator of the Erasmus + #dariahTeach grant.

Matej Ďurčo is head of the ACDH-OeAW’s technical working group “Tools, Services & Systems” and was one of the key figures in founding the institute. Since 2009, he has been part of the Austrian research infrastructures core group, contributing substantially to the development of key technical components, including #dariahTeach.

Maria Garde comes from the games industry, where she’s worked as a producer for Kiloo Games and LEGO. She has developed and run Ideas Lab at Film by Aarhus. Maria is all about hands on experience, and learning through failure, play and validation.

Marianne Huang is Associate Professor at School for Communication and Culture, Aarhus University (AU), and serves as academic officer for cultural creative collaborations and digital cultures with Faculty of Arts. She is currently collaborating on more.creative, Creative Ring Europe, and Filmby Aarhus to enhance digital innovation in capacity building for the cultural creative sector.

Konstantinos Papadopoulos is an Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities & Culture Studies a Maastricht University, Netherlands. Dr Papadopoulos specialises in digital archaeology and heritage, primarily in 3D recording, visualisation, simulation, and analysis of spaces and artefacts.

Tanja Wissik is a senior researcher at the Austrian Academy of Sciences and a lecturer at the University of Graz. She holds a PhD from the University of Vienna in translation studies with a specialisation in the field of terminology and corpus linguistics.  She was involved in #dariahTeach project.

Signe Marie Davidsen is an experienced Experience Designer and Lecturer. For years she has designed, developed and produced meaningful experiences with people and for people, enjoying the art of rethinking the way we interact to create value for businesses, people and the environment. Having taught at Westerdals – Oslo ACT and Copenhagen Business School she now focuses on developing interactive learning experiences with the shortest possible distance between theory and reality for higher education.

Claus Toft-Nielsen is lecturer at the School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. He specialises in educational design and has published widely on playful learning in higher education. Since 2017, he has been a member of the ‘gameful & playful higher education’ project.

Rikke Toft Nørgård is associate professor at the Center for Teaching Developments and Digital Media, Aarhus University. Her field of research lies within ‘futuremaking through design thinking and new technologies in education,’ new educational potentials with new technologies and media, and development of ‘educational design thinking’. Rikke holds a PhD in digital gameplay with a focus on the gameplayer’s interaction with and experience of gameplay design and technology.

Jeanette Falk Olesen is a PhD Fellow at School of Communication and Culture, Aarhus University. Her research focuses on game jams and hackathons within a design context, analysing how these time-limited design events influence the participants’ design processes.


Irene Nørgård

Nicole Ertl

Ricki Hogaard

We would also like thank and credit the designers and artists whose work we have used free of charge.