IGNITE module

IGNITE draws together several disparate shifts in recent education policy and research: online education, digitally-enhanced learning methods, innovation, entrepreneurship,  and the turn in humanities education from theory to method.

These shifts form the design axis in IGNITE, going beyond the provision of traditional academic competences by bridging knowledge, theories, and skills through a range of creative, problem solving techniques. A key impact of IGNITE  is to meld design thinking methods through the ethos of Maker Culture. It does this through real-world case studies and scenarios from the cultural and creative sectors by integrating software, tools, and methods with analysis from the arts and humanities.

The IGNITE module is made up of six  5 ECTS units. Units 1 and 2 are designed to provide students with the theoretical and practical background needed for the other units.  The other four units can be taken individually or in any combination. The full 20 ECTS module is comprised of units 1 and 2, along with 2 optional units (units 3-6).

The  module is designed to be used by teachers within their classroom practice (either by exporting the units or module to their institutional instance of Moodle, or by directly registering their class in #dariahTeach) or by individuals through the #dariahTeach platform.

More information on each of the units is available below:

Unit 1: Introduction to Design Thinking and Maker Culture

Expected release date: February 2020

Unit 2: From Inspiration to Realisation: How to practice Design Thinking and Making

Expected release date: February 2020

Unit 3: Remaking Material Culture in Three-Dimensions: From Capturing to Printing

Expected release date: March 2020

Unit 4: 3D Computer Graphics for the Arts: Building Virtual Reality Experiences

Expected release date: March 2020

Unit 5: Storytelling for Digital Narratives and Blended Spaces

Expected release date: March 2020

Unit 6: Game.Play.Design in the Arts and Humanities

Expected release date: February 2020

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