Masterclass – Aarhus University

Bringing Postgraduate Humanities Students to Design Thinking and Maker Culture


What: A hands-on Workshop: Bring your teaching challenges and look for inspiration and solutions with IGNITE
Where:  Aarhus University, Denmark
How: To apply, please register your interest via the Google Form (Registration has been closed)
Who: Teaching Professionals in Higher Education, Master Level
When: 20-21 February 2020


Masterclass Description

IGNITE is a 30 ECTS flexible module and a learning-platform for Humanities students at the master level, aiming at designing for digital environments and at enhancing the value chain between criticality and creativity. We focus on how Humanities’ critical thinking may gain in creativity and co-creation by applying design thinking processes and introducing to maker culture; our courseware is designed for balancing structured critical creative processes with tinkering, experimenting and creating in digital environments. We aim to concretise the values embedded in Humanities knowledge and ethos, when approaching tech development. Balancing critical thinking and technology development through human-centered design and making for users is to create value across disciplines.

The Aarhus environment offers access to knowledge on teaching development and digital media with the Aarhus University Centre for Teaching Development and Digital Media and also to a number of incubation partners and cultural creative institutions.

If you teach a Humanities subject at the master-level and would like to offer your students ways to enhance their creativity and their knowledge impact; if you are a supervisor of student interns with the cultural creative sector; if you supervise master thesis students doing production, or if you are on a Humanities study board and would like to add more impact to your course offers, this master class is for you.

Join us on 20th to 21st February 2020 for the IGNITE Master Class at Aarhus University.

As a workshop participant you will learn to use and deploy the IGNITE courses and the learning platform for your own teaching practice. Our workshop offers a great opportunity to learn how to benefit from the IGNITE-module when we share how it may be deployed in different fields of teaching. We will guide our workshop participants in hands-on work to integrate IGNITE and its curriculum into their own courses and programmes. As a workshop participant and IGNITE first-mover, the project team will help you to get the maximum gain from your course development both during the grant and after it ends.

Teachers and instructors from teaching and training communities across different fields and institutions are invited, and please bring your own course development and challenges to the table.

The potential transfer of the IGNITE module is extremely high as the underlying platform (#dariahTeach) was designed for sharing by enabling teachers and instructors to embed courseware into their own modules and teaching practice.

The Masterclass will be limited to 12 people. Each participant will receive a stipend upon receipt of invoices of up to €500 for international participants and €200 for those from Denmark. Please note that only participants from EU member states can be reimbursed. All meals, coffee breaks, and receptions, during the Masterclass will be covered by the IGNITE project.