The IGNITE project is delighted to announce its virtual Autumn School. Covering a range of courses associated with the IGNITE curriculum and hosted by #dariahTeach, we will be offering multi-week courses  (over 2-3 weeks) and workshops (a day or half day). All courses and workshops are free of charge and participants can register for up to two events. Participant numbers will be limited. Click HERE for more about the Autumn School 2020.


We are delighted to announce the IGNITE Digital Roundtables on ‘Design Thinking & Maker Culture: Sticky Learning for the 21st Century’. The digital roundtables, which will be held on Wednesday afternoons through April via Zoom, aim to explore how we can leverage digital technologies and new methods of teaching to promote ‘sticky learning’ — learning that is retained well after it is taught. Click HERE for more about IGNITE Roundtable.


Due to the COVID19-situation in Austria and other European regions, we have had to cancel the IGNITE conference and workshop in Vienna 24-26 March: “Design Thinking & Maker Culture: Sticky Learning for the 21st Century”.

The IGNITE team is exploring alternatives to the Vienna conference and workshop, and you will find news and updates here. For those who have registered, we will be contacting you via email with further information.

In Spring 2020 IGNITE will host a number of F2F, online, and blended learning events.

IGNITE is a 27 month EU project funded by Creative Europe Media Directorate which is developing open source, web-based teaching and training materials for the #dariahTeach platform. It draws together several disparate shifts in recent education policy and research: online education, digitally-enhanced learning methods, innovation, entrepreneurship,  and the turn in humanities education from theory to method.

These shifts underpin the design axis in IGNITE, going beyond the teaching of traditional academic competences by bridging knowledge, theories, and skills through a range of creative, problem solving techniques, thus responding to an increasingly competitive economy and society that requires an agile, adaptable, and creative workforce. A key tenet of IGNITE  is to meld Design Thinking and Maker Culture. It does this through real-world case studies and scenarios from the cultural and creative sectors, and  by integrating software, tools, and methods with analysis from the arts and humanities.

We are now accepting applications from individuals who would like to attend the conference as well as one of our MasterClasses, where they will have the opportunity to experience the Ignite Curriculum and explore how it can be integrated into different teaching and learning situations:

The conference at University of Applied Arts, Vienna (Austria), entitled, Design Thinking & Maker Culture: Sticky Learning for the 21st Century (25-26 March 2020), is open to the educators and professionals in humanities and heritage subjects. Also, a co-creative workshop will be taken place prior to the conference event (24 March 2020). This workshop explores: online, blended, & flipped classrooms for teaching new technologies to humanities studies and heritage professionals.

The MasterClass at Aarhus University (Denmark), entitled, Bringing Postgraduate Humanities Students to Design Thinking and Maker Culture (20-21 February 2020), is aimed at those teaching humanities and heritage students at the MA level.

The MasterClass at Maastricht University (The Netherlands) entitled Design Thinking and [Digital] Maker Culture for Heritage Professionals (3-5 March 2020) is open to heritage professionals who have a training role.