Storyboarding Sharing Cultures

As part of the course Sharing Practices of the MA in Digital Cultures at Maastricht University, students gained skills in creating multimodal narratives using animated videos. A video-based animated narrative requires a complex interplay of a central idea, visual material and commentaries in the form of recorded voice-over, and/or text to tell a convincing story that captures the viewers’ attention and takes them along a storyline. To help students come up with an idea, think about the audio-visual material, and the sequence of the storyline, Costas Papadopoulos delivered a storyboarding workshop during which, students, divided into small teams used design thinking activities to develop, refine and understand their ideas more fully, organise them, and creatively think about the final sequence towards which the video develops from the beginning on. The final videos covered a wide range of topics on sharing practices, including prosumption, sharing economy, and pseudosharing.