Hackathon: Digital Heritage Experience

On the 24th January 2019, Costas Papadopoulos organised a design thinking hackathon for the masters students in Arts & Heritage at Maastricht University. The students worked in small teams to design digital (museum) experiences using as case studies three cultural heritage sites: Fortress Sint-Pieter (Maastricht), Strijp S (Eindhoven), and Stonehenge (UK). Based on the different phases of the design thinking framework (empathise, define, ideate, prototype, test) and through a series of creative guiding exercises, such as brainwriting, mental modelling, crazy eight, Plus/Delta, worst possible scenario etc, each team came up with a paper prototype of a digital experience, including mobile apps and digital installations, highlighting particular (hi)stories in the three cases. For their design they had to take into account particular audiences, stakeholders, and demographics.