Bridging the Gap Between Study and Career

This is the sub-theme of the Premium Masters programme at Maastricht University. It is an honours programme for students from across the university who work in groups to tackle real-world problems. Each group is provided a design brief and works with a client and a mentor.

In Spring 2019 Susan Schreibman mentored two Premium projects. The first was with the Continuum Discovery Centre in Kerkrade, a small town around a half hour from Maastricht, the second was with VideoPower, an independent organisation which supports film makers in the making of independent films.

Both groups adopted design thinking approaches in their projects. With Continuum the goal was to design an interactive digital experience for a new exhibition the museum will be installing, and with VideoPower it was to design a new website. The team utilised design methods including brainstorming, co-creation, and an iterative design cycle to achieve their goals. Aspects of the Premium classes will be integrated into the Design Thinking and Making module offered at Maastricht University in the MA in Media Studies: Digital Cultures course in 2019-2020.