Workshop: Introduction to Design Thinking: A User-Centred Approach to Problem Solving


Design Thinking is many things to many disciplines. It is a method, a process, and a way of thinking. Above all, it is a user-centred approach to design. Designing what, you might ask? Well almost anything, from software to buildings, to exhibitions. It is used in a wide variety of disciplines, from engineering to business to heritage studies. It embraces an iterative rather than a linear approach to project management, does not shy away from missteps or failures, and encourages prototyping and testing.

A Design Thinking approach encourages creative and practical problem solving and making sure the problem being solved is appropriate for the community for which it is being designed. In this workshop we will introduce you to the principles of Design Thinking: how to define the problem, explore solutions to solve it, prototype to test your ideas, and then evaluate what you have created. You will work in teams on an exercise encompassing these principles to get hands-on design thinking experience.

What: A half-day virtual workshop on introducing Design Thinking as a User-Centred Approach to Problem Solving

Who will give the workshop: Costas Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities and Culture Studies, Maastricht University;  Susan Schreibman, Professor of Digital Arts and Culture, Maastricht University

Who this is for: For those interested in learning the basics of Design Thinking.

Where: An Online (Zoom) synchronous workshop.

When workshop takes place:  13:00-17:00 CET, Tuesday 24 November 2020,

How: Applications deadline has passed. It is no longer possible to register for the Autumn School event.