Workshop: Earth Overshoot Day: A Full Day Design Sprint


A Design Sprint is a process that involves applying creative approaches to a problem, prototyping, testing, and pitching ideas. Typically design sprints are done under time constraints through structured exercises: the idea being that creative solutions can be found by eliminating long discussions (yack) and focusing on targeted solutions (hack).

Typically design sprints are carried out in the early stages of project planning. It can be used to help teams define goals, check their assumptions, and create a roadmap for product or project development. The free-flowing and creative nature of the process allows multiple, possibly conflicting ideas to be surfaced, along with possible solutions, finding ways to decide on a solution to be pursued, before significant resources are allocated.

What: A full day virtual Design Sprint, taking a Heritage perspective, on  the theme of Earth Overshoot Day

Who will give the workshop: Susan Schreibman, Professor of Digital Arts and Culture, Maastricht University; Costas Papadopoulos, Assistant Professor in Digital Humanities and Culture Studies, Maastricht University

Who this is for:  For those wishing to learn the concepts behind design sprints while engaging in a hands-on,  in-depth sprint.

Where: An Online synchronous workshop on Zoom.

When the Workshop Is Offered:  13:00-17:00 CET, Friday 4 December 2020

How: To apply, please register your interest via this Form by 2 November 23:59 CET