Workshop: Critical Fabulations for A New Normal


It is often said that design goes towards future states, and thus strives to balance uncertainties by technological inventiveness and by human-centered design and creativity. In some incubation environments radical innovation is driven by forecasting designs for the next twenty years, by investigating megatrends; in other environments artists research scientific data through radically new perspectives, crafts and practices.

In quite other environments we experiment towards new commons, making and telling our everyday practices. With the COVID-19 crisis we may for a moment suspend working on disruptive innovations as present ecosystems of experimentation, communication and sharing are globally disrupted, allowing us for a time to imagine and experiment on what potential futures and sustainable commons lie hidden in these present states. Future states of digital transition and sustainable living seem to coalesce in present fabulations for a new normal – should we count our losses and/or value new possibilities? Can thinking and imagining with design and storytelling provide wayfinding in crisis?

What: A half-day virtual workshop on Critical Fabulations for A New Normal

Who will give the workshop: Marianne Ping Huang, Associate Professor and Development Coordinator for Cultural Creative Collaborations, Aarhus University

Who this is for:  Students, Educators, and Heritage Professionals looking to create positivity in their research, classrooms, or institutions out of the current crisis.

Where: A synchronous online workshop via Zoom.

When workshop takes place: 14:00-16:00 CET, Friday 27 November 2020

How: Applications deadline has passed. It is no longer possible to register for the Autumn School event.