Workshop: Cube’s Co-design Canvas


To approach a social innovation project or challenge from a design thinking and co-creation perspective, requires a different way of starting and thinking about how a project makes sense for all parties involved, what the desired results are, who needs to be involved and what knowledge is needed. In the social dynamics within such co-creation and design thinking processes, it is important to understand and empathize with the roles of the different participants and stakeholders, who are all committed to taking a positive step towards achieving a joint result (whether it is to improve the quality of life for the citizens of a village or to increase awareness about questions of immortality and mortality through an exhibition).

In this workshop we use the CUBE Co-Design Canvas (based on the Design Choices Framework for Co-creation by Lee et al, 2018) as a tool for exploration and discussion in the context of planning a co-design process. It is an instrument that can facilitate the discussion between the stakeholders involved in an initiative or project, to either plan a new initiative or to evaluate a project that has already been started. Ultimately it could become an instrument for professionals, policy makers, citizens and other stakeholders to better communicate and collaborate; an instrument that makes differences in interests, knowledge, experience and power relations transparent and ensures that everyone’s voice is truly heard. In short, it is an instrument that provides insights into the various parameters that influence a co-design process and can thus also provide a common language and a clear starting point.

What: A physical workshop visualising the role of participants in a  Design Thinking process from CUBE Design Museum, in Kerkrade, based on their ReDesign Death exhibition

Who will give the workshop: Anja Köppchen, A Lab Coordinator at CUBE Design Museum

Who this is for: Those who are interested in new ways to improve communication and discussions between stakeholders, business, professionals, etc., through a co-design process. *

Where: Cube’s Design Labs, Museumplein 2, 6461 MA Kerkrade, The Netherlands.

When the Workshop Is Offered: 14:00-17:00 CET, Thursday 3 December 2020,

How: Applications deadline has passed. It is no longer possible to register for the Autumn School event.

*Due to COVID-19 Regulations, this workshop can only be attended for those living in the vicinity of Kerkrade. Numbers will be strictly limited for this F2F event.