Course: Phygital Heritage: Design, Interaction, and Evaluation


This course focuses on how heritage information can be communicated to visitors in more engaging, educational, and meaningful ways through  the concept of “Phygital Heritage”. The phygital is the simultaneous and integrated interaction of the physical and the digital. 

This course will first introduce the concept of phygital, with an emphasis on  why this approach is promising in the field of heritage communication.  Four scenarios will follow in which interactive phygital prototypes were designed and deployed in real-world heritage and museum environments. The third component of the course focuses on an evaluation framework for phygital heritage.

What: A two-week virtual course on Phygital Heritage offered through #dariahTeach

Who will be teaching: Eslam Nofal, Postdoctoral Researcher in Digital Heritage at Maastricht University and affiliated to the Department of Architecture at Assiut University

Who this is for: For those who are interested in the communication of heritage information and who want to explore a more creative approach on the integration of digital technologies into physical reality for engaging and educating heritage visitors.

Where: Online. The course will be offered asynchronously over a two week period, accompanied by a group chat, and punctuated by two synchronous Zoom tutorials/classes/conversations (see below)

When the Course Runs: November 3rd (course material becomes available) – November 17th 2020

When Tutorials Take Place: 15:00-17:00 CET, Tuesdays 10 &  17  November 2020

How: Course application deadline has passed!