Course: How to Practice Design Thinking


Design Thinking: even though the name suggests otherwise, it is much less about knowing and much more about doing. In Donald Schön’s groundbreaking work on design, The reflective practitioner: How professionals think in action, he demonstrated that knowing is in the activity of designing, it cannot be separated. This course is designed to help students and professionals to apply Design Thinking. The focus is thus on doing design thinking, offering the tools and methods for students, professionals, and educators to conduct design thinking to deal with a (wicked) problem they face.

Note: Design Thinking & Maker Culture is a companion course to this one.  While the former focuses on the what and why, this course focuses above all on the ‘how’.

What: A three-week virtual course on the Practices of Design Thinking offered through #dariahTeach

Who will be teaching: Guido Stompff, Professor of Design Thinking at Inholland University of Applied Sciences Sabien Douven, freelancer at Studio Sowieso and alumni Communication & Multimedia Design

Who this is for: For educators, students, and professionals who want to get their hands dirty exploring design thinking tools, methods, and techniques.

Where: Online. The course will be offered asynchronously over a three week period, accompanied by a group chat, and punctuated by three synchronous Zoom tutorials/classes/conversations (see below)

When the Course Is Offered: October 26th (course material becomes available) – November 18th 2020

When Tutorials Take Place:  15:00-17:00 CET, Wednesdays 4, 11 & 18  November 2020

How: Course application deadline has passed!