Course: Design Thinking & Maker Culture


This course introduces the theories, tools, and methods behind Design Thinking & Maker Culture. It provides an overview of the history of Design Thinking, exploring its various schools of thought and practice, as well as providing an introduction to the more recently theorised space of Maker Culture. This course also explores how those in the arts, humanities, and creative and cultural industries can use the twin pillars of Design Thinking and Maker Culture in everyday practice. Synchronous tutorials will provide opportunities for discussion and for hands-on design-thinking exercises.

What: A three-week virtual course on Design Thinking & Maker Culture offered through #dariahTeach

Who will be teaching: Marianne Ping Huang, Associate Professor and Development Coordinator for Cultural Creative Collaborations, Aarhus University;  Susan Schreibman, Professor of Digital Arts and Culture, Maastricht University

Who this is for:  For those who want to explore a more creative approach to problem solving and to learn methods that encourage thinking with your hands as well as your mind

Where: Online. The course will be offered asynchronously over a three week period, accompanied by a group chat, and punctuated by three synchronous Zoom tutorials/classes/conversations (see below)

When the Course Is Offered: October 26th (course material becomes available) – November 19th 2020

When Tutorials Take Place:  15:00-17:00 CET, Thursday 5, 12 & 19  November 2020

How: Course application deadline has passed!